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Mian Mushtaq Ahmed Azeemi
In-charge Lahore Meditation Hall
MIAN MUSHTAQ AHMED AZEEMI is a senior member of Silsala-e-Azeemia for last 28 years. He joined Silsala-e-Azeemia in 1980. He has been serving for a noble cause as to assist or serve the humanity without any charges and benefits just for the sake of the Murshad-e-Kareem's order. He is also a columnist in Family magazine (Lahore) and Daily Express, in which he fulfills the spiritual problems of people. Moreover he is the writer of almost 16 books. He is the In-charge of LAHORE MURAQBA HALL and PRESIDENT of QALANDER SHAOOR ACADEMY in Punjab. He had also been serving as a 21st grade officer in the Punjab Government.