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Once Murshid e Kareem Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Aazeemi asked Mian Mushtaq Ahmed Azeemi to find a place for Muraqba hall in the fringes of Lahore.  By the blessing of ALLAH Almighty, Mian jee was able to find a 4 acres plot in Kannah Nou, 21 km from Lahore. Today it’s not just a plot, but Lahore Muraqba Hall with Jamia mosque, Dispensary and School on the location.
In Addition to meditation carried out on weekly basis:

1. Muraqba Hall Lahore organized 2nd International Spiritual Conference which was attended by a large number of people.

2.  Famous book MURAQBA by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi was launched on April 18th, 1996. That time Governor Punjab was the chief guest of the ceremony.

3.  In 1997 a seminar was held in the foundation house where Dr. Rasheed Choudary was the chief guest and Murshad-e-Karim addressed on the topic of Instant Spiritual Cure.

4.  In 1998 Book MUHAMMAD (PBUH) was launched in Avari Hotel Lahore. A huge gathering attended the ceremony including Ashfaq Ahmed Sahib & justice of High Court.

5.  On 26th February Khawaja Shamsudin Azeemi adressed the doctors and scientists in Fatima Mamorial Auditorium on the topic of spiritualism and medical science.

6.  Jamia Azeemia Lahore has arranged many spiritual workshops to change the thinking pattern of people according to the necessities of modern era.

7.  In 2001 book "Our Children" was launched. Students of different schools presented many programmes in the launching ceremony. The specialty of the ceremony was that it was organized only for the kids. Khawaja Shamsudin Azeemi attended the ceremony as a Chief Guest.

8.  There are 6 roohani libraries; 3 for males and 3 for females in Lahore. These are working with the aim to stir up the spiritual interest in human beings. These libraries often organize mahafil-e-milad and lectures on tafheem-e-Quran. Every year in the month of RABBI UL AWWAL, Lahore Muraqba Hall organizes a mehfil of   DUROOD SHAREEF.

9.  Muraqba Hall Lahore is distributing free books to poor students from primary to matric level, under the authority of KHWAJA SHAMSUDIN AZEEMI EDUCATIONAL TRUST. Recently, Muraqba Hall has opened Azeemi Public School for poor children of villages. It is such an institute that provides a platform for the people to seek the teachings and ethics of MUHAMMAD (SAW). It is actually the kindness of our spiritual mentor Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi that every person of silsala-e-azeemia broadcasts kindness, good ethics, demeanour, sacrifice and the passion to serve human beings. 

"Stand jointly and steadfastly for the cause of Allah and do not be divided amongst yourselves."