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The school was established by the order of Murshad-e-Karim Hazrat Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi on 6th September 2006. The main objective of the school was to teach those students who are not in a position to pay fee and purchase books and uniform of the school. The first batch came in school for nursery class, was of 52 students, 30 girls and 22 boys were came for nursery class. All these students belong to very poor community of the area. Two uniforms in summer season and two uniforms in winter season have been provided to all students along with two pairs of socks and shoes. No fee is charged and free books and all kind of stationary has been provided to students. It is the great blessing of God and the inspiration of the Murshad Karim that the result was 100% and the first three positions have been awarded. The next year 50 more students were admitted on 01st September 2007 and the previous class had been promoted in class prep. Five teachers and a Headmistress were appointed for the education of these classes. Now from 1st September 2008 30 students have been admitted in class nursery. Now there are 150 students in the school. In nursery class, the total students are 40 and in class prep, two classes contain 25 students in each class and also two classes for class 1 are going on. The administration of school has started a programme in the Azeemi Community that a student should be adopted by paying Rs 700/- per month for a child. Alhamdulillah 25 students have been adopted until now for their education career and this programme is continuing.


 Azeemi Public School